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Our Adventures

One of the best things about tabletop roleplaying games is the fact that the action is only bounded by the imagination and curiosity of the players, not by a pre-determined path.

That is why we write scenarios that focus on the dynamic situations your adventuring party finds themselves in with lots of support for the Game Master to determine what comes next.

Our scenarios result in exciting adventures without forcing your players down a pre-determined path.

The Secret of Cedar Peak

The Secret of Cedar Peak

Set in Kingshold, a sleepy garrison town at the edge of the kingdom. Bertu Arnels, the respected herbalist in town, sends out an expedition towards Cedar Peak Forest to prepare it for harvesting herbs. But when her people fail to return at the scheduled time, she gets worried. She sends out a call for enterprising folk to find out what happened.
Will you uncover the truth behind the Secret of Cedar Peak, and emerge unscathed?

Recommended for level 1 characters.

Rule system: D&D OGL, 5e-compatible

Pages: 24

Format: Full-color, tagged PDF

Includes a black-and-white version of the PDF for printing, maps for Game Master and players, as well as digital versions of the player maps to use with virtual tabletop systems.

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About Capybarbarian

Hein Ragas started playing RPGs when he was 14: a friend at school invited him to play over fall break. They ended up playing Rolemaster every single day for the whole break, and that was it: a new roleplayer had been minted.

Soon, Hein took on the mantle of Game Master too. Being a perpetually broke teenager, composing his own scenarios was a necessity. (This was before the internet, and scenarios could only be bought through budget-busting inter-continental mail order!) This gave him a lot of experience in what works and what does not.

The Fall 2019 edition of the RPG Writer's Workshop prompted him to develop one of his scenarios into an actual module for use by others, instead of consisting of some leaves from a notepad with some scribbled text on it. Being forced to think about how the scenario would work for other groups certainly improved the scenario, and The Secret of Cedar Peak is the result.

The capybara is Hein's favourite animal. There's something serene and calm about them - so very unlike raging barbarians! Unable to resist a pun that is lexigraphical and semantic at the same time, the name was chosen for his RPG scenario publisher.